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The Department of Anaesthesiology supports all specialties and provides inter-disciplinary medical care. The applications of Anaesthesia include surgery, diagnostics, critical care and pain management. Our trained team of Anaesthesiologists provides patient-centered services in perioperative clinical services in surgery and allied specialties including critical care and pain management.

Facilities & services offered

  • Pre-anaesthetic evaluation
  • Monitored anaesthesia care
  • Intricate monitoring intra operatively and post operatively
  • Advanced haemodynamic monitoring
  • Ventilator support to post-operative cases
  • Haemo dynamic support and Ventilator support to Surgical patients
  • Invasive and non- invasive ventilation
  • ARDS Ventilation
  • BiPAP facility
  • Sepsis management
  • ACLS, BLS training