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The Orthopedics department offers comprehensive care for management of musculoskeletal disorders in patients of all ages. The Department offers treatment for Orthopedic Surgery, Arthroscopy Surgery, Sports Medicine, Pediatric Ortho Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Rheumatology and Physical Medicine experts who have the experience and expertise to handle orthopedic emergencies and complex cases and supporting paramedical staff trained to deliver a 100% success rate. Our team diagnoses, operates and treats problems affecting the bones, joints and muscles of patients encompassing all age groups. The doctor’s team is ably supported by specialty-trained nurses, patient counselors and physical rehabilitation therapists to ensure optimal care to patients, at all times.

Services & facilities offered

  • Complex trauma management
  • Total Replacement of Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Ankle & Elbow
  • Arthroscopy of knee, shoulder and ankle
  • Key hole fixation surgery for old age hip fractures to enable them back on their feet within one week (PFN)