About Department

The department of emergency medicine is the face of our hospital. It is the one of fastest evolving branches around the world. The department provides high standards in diagnosing and management of acute and critical aspects of illness and injury affecting all age groups. Our emergency physicians, nursing staff and paramedics work as a team to provide the best possible treatment in the emergency department.

Facilities & services offered

  • Pre-anaesthetic evaluation
  • Monitored anaesthesia care
  • Intricate monitoring intra operatively and post operatively
  • Advanced haemodynamic monitoring
  • Ventilator support to post-operative cases
  • Haemo dynamic support and Ventilator support to Surgical patients
  • Invasive and non- invasive ventilation
  • ARDS Ventilation
  • BiPAP facility
  • Sepsis management
  • ACLS, BLS training